The Claim About Twitch That Will Annoy Both Streamers and Viewers

    According to a new claim about the popular broadcasting platform Twitch, the platform plans to make significant changes in its partnership program. Accordingly, Twitch’s top streamers will now earn less income from subscriptions. But he will also get some privileges.

    Twitch, the world’s largest live broadcasting platform owned by Amazon, came to the fore today with news that will anger both publishers and viewers. According to the news based on internal sources by Bloomberg, Twitch plans to make significant and radical changes in its partnership program.

    With these changes, Twitch plans to simply show more ads to viewers and pay fewer commissions to publishers. While it was stated that the said changes could come this summer, it was emphasized that the changes to be made were not fully planned and that the plans could be thrown away before these changes come. The changes that Twitch was said to be working on were as follows

    Possible changes to the Twitch affiliate program

    • Publishers will be able to post more ads.
    • Revenue deduction for subscriptions at top publishers will be reduced from 70%/30% to 50%/50%.
    • A new tier system will be introduced for subscriptions , and criteria will be determined for accessing tiers (Details not provided).
    • Twitch will lift partner exclusivity restrictions. Thus, broadcasters will be able to broadcast on YouTube or Facebook.

    With these changes, Twitch will offer the benefits of more advertising and avoidance of exclusivity as a counteroffer while capturing a portion of publishers’ subscription revenue. However, publishers who want to earn the same income with these conditions will have to choose either to bore their viewers by showing more ads, or to spend more time opening separate broadcasts on YouTube or Facebook.

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