The expected news for Valve’s handheld console, Steam Deck, has arrived!

    Microsoft announced that it has brought its cloud gaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming, to the Steam Deck, which has been on the agenda recently.

    Handheld consoles have recently started to become common again. The handheld consoles, which said hello to us again with the release of Nintendo Switch in 2017, years after the PSP, excited the people who love to play games, regardless of place and place, with the introduction of Valve’s Steam Deck console last year.

    Microsoft brings its popular service to the Steam Deck console
    Microsoft announced that it has brought the cloud gaming service Xbox Cloud Gaming to the Steam Deck, which has been on the agenda recently. The company has published a detailed list of instructions from its website and Reddit so that the platform that will run through the Linux version of Microsoft Edge can be opened on the relevant console.

    As it will be remembered, Valve CEO Gabe Newell said in a statement last month that he would be happy to help Microsoft integrate Xbox Game Pass with Steam. Microsoft’s temporary bringing the Xbox Cloud Gaming service to the console may also be an important step towards Newell’s idea.

    Steam Deck is slightly different from the classic handheld consoles in terms of its technical features and what it offers to users. Because the device, which comes with an X86-based AMD processor and runs a Linux-based operating system called SteamOS , is a game-oriented portable computer rather than a handheld console.

    In addition, Valve recently announced that it has brought Windows 10 driver support for the next generation mobile game console, Steam Deck. This paved the way for users to install Windows 10 on the console running the SteamOS operating system. It has also been announced that Windows 11 will come, but it will be delayed a bit because the fTPM software for the AMD processor powered by the console is not yet ready.

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