The First Trailer of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 We’ve Been Waiting For Has Arrived

    A teaser has been shared from Modern Warfare 2, the new game of the Call of Duty series to be released in October. The shared promotional trailer attracted great attention with the characters Soap, Ghost, Gaz (Kyle Garrick) and Captain Price, who will be in the game.

    Modern Warfare 2, the new game of Call of Duty, one of the most popular series in the game world, to be released this year, was eagerly awaited by gamers. As we shared with you, it was recently announced that the game will be released on October 10, 2022.

    There have been new developments regarding the game, which will be the continuation of Modern Warfare released in 2019. The promotional trailer, which includes the characters of the game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, was shared on official social media accounts.

    Task Force 141 is back

    The video, which was shared with the expressions ‘Ultimate Team’ from the official account of Call of Duty, allowed us to see the characters in the game as live-action. The most striking characters in the teaser of the production, which will bring together the ‘Task Force 141’ military unit in the Modern Warfare series released between 2007 and 2011, were Soap MacTavish and Ghost, whom we know from previous games .

    In addition, Captain Price and Kyle Garrick (Gas) in the game in 2019 were also seen in the action-packed trailer that gave clues about what awaits us in the game. In addition, in the statements made, the world premiere of the game is on June 8; that is to say, it will happen in the coming days.

    Call of Duty may return to Steam years later with Modern Warfare 2

    It should be noted that the game, which is stated to be one of the ‘most ambitious’ games the company has ever made by the leading names of Infinity Ward, is among the rumours that it may come with another important development.

    Steam, one of the largest game platforms in the world, left an emoji in the trailer shared by Call of Duty, signalling that the series could return to the platform. In addition, a visual noticed by a Reddit user a few days ago showed that the game could return to Steam. The legendary series has been released on Activision Blizzard’s platform since 2017.

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