The Release Date of Diablo Immortal, the Mobile Game of the Diablo Series, Has Been Officially Announced!

    Everyone was surprised when Blizzard, the developer of the legendary Diablo series, announced Diablo Immortal, which will be the mobile version of Diablo instead of Diablo 4 2 years ago. The release date of the game, which has been quiet since then, has been officially announced.

    The Twitter page of the popular game series Diablo excited the fans with a surprise announcement. The developer of the game, Blizzard Entertainment, gave important information about Diablo Immortal, which should normally come before Diablo 4.

    Blizzard Entertainment has officially announced the release date of Diablo Immortal, the mobile version of Diablo, which entered the closed alpha testing process in 2020. In fact, the release date of Diablo Immortal not only for iOS and Android devices, but also for PC has been officially announced.

    Diablo Immortal is coming to iOS and Android on June 2

    According to the announcement, Diablo Immortal will be released for iOS and Android devices on June 2, 2022, almost 1 month from now. But that’s not the only good thing. Something Diablo players have long wanted from Blizzard is coming true.

    Diablo Immortal will enter the open beta process for PC as well as mobile devices, that is, it will be released on PC. Cross-play between all versions of the game will also be available.

    What do you think about Diablo Immortal, the mobile Diablo? Do you think it will be able to enjoy the classic Diablo games? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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