Ubisoft Announces New Project ‘Project Q’ After Failed Battle Royale Game

    Video game developer and producer Ubisoft has officially announced Project Q, which has been on the agenda with its leaks for a while.

    French game developer Ubisoft recently made a new announcement. The new game, which has been on the agenda with its leaks for a while and emerged with the code name ” Project Q “, has been officially announced today. The new game developed by Ubisoft was first spotted in the online GeForce Now database. Now, the game, about which a lot of information has been leaked, has been officially announced by the developer. 

    The developer, who previously integrated NFT into Ghost Recon Breakpoint, one of its important games, also stated that the same is not the case for Project Q.

    Project Q will not have NFT

    Making the announcement on its Twitter account, Ubisoft is about the new game; ” This isn’t just a battle royale game, ” he said. Also, the developer added that the game will include multiple PvP modes. Users will have early access to future innovations by registering for the game, which is currently in the testing phase.

    In addition, the registration page opened by Ubisoft also includes which platforms will be included. While users are performing the registration process; You can choose between Xbox Series X , Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PCs .

    There have been a lot of leaks about Project Q to date. In a leak, it was mentioned that the game in question was similar to Fortnite and Overwatch. In addition, modes such as Showdown (battle royale) and Battle Zone (area control) are some of the functions that the game will have.

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