Warframe: Duviri Paradox Announced

    A new expansion pack has been announced for Warframe, one of the world’s most popular online action games. The Duviri Paradox package will add a brand new location and new adventures to the game.

    There has been an important development regarding Warframe, which is one of the important representatives of the online action games genre. Developer team Digital Extremes has officially announced the new expansion pack that will come to the game as part of the TennoCon 2022 events created for Warframe. The package named ” Duviri Paradox ” seems to offer players an impressive experience.

    Duviri, which gave its name to the expansion pack, describes a new location included in the game. In this location, players will give life to a character named “Drifter” and will try to complete the tasks directed to them. The expansion pack will add new characters and unique visual landscapes to the game.

    Duviri Paradox will be released in the coming months

    The new expansion pack for Warframe will be released in the next few months. According to the statement made by Digital Extremes, players will meet this expansion pack in the winter season. What the package will offer with a 20-minute gameplay video will be much better understood when it is released.

    Warframe, which we had the opportunity to meet for the first time in 2013, has gone down in history as a product that has never been worn out. The new expansion pack prepared by the developer team seems to make Warframe one of the most talked about games of the coming months.

    Here is the 20-minute gameplay video prepared for the Duviri Paradox package

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