Boasting Data Privacy, Telegram Allegedly Sharing Its Data With The German Government

    A new claim about Telegram showed that the app is doing something it hasn’t done so far. Allegedly, the company shared user data with German authorities.

    Telegram, which has become famous for its privacy features and policies, came up with an interesting claim. Explaining that it did not provide any data to the states before, Telegram allegedly presented some user data to the German authorities. It was stated that the said data belonged to the suspects involved in terrorism and child abuse crimes.

    The biggest significance of the claim was that Telegram has so far provided no data to any state under any circumstances – even if individuals were involved in crimes. If the claim is true, this will be the first known data submission case for Telegram as well. Some details about the claim are still up in the air.

    Telegram was constantly making efforts to distance itself from the authorities:

    In particular, the data of the people involved in the aforementioned crimes can be easily presented in different messaging applications in line with the requests of the authorities. However, since the Telegram team was very strict on this issue, it had moved its headquarters to different countries in order to escape the sanctions of the countries on this issue in the past.

    While the current headquarters of Telegram is seen as Dubai, the company’s servers are located in various cities and regions such as London, Singapore and San Francisco. This actually makes it even more difficult for authorities to access the data. Telegram has not shared any explanation about the current claim so far.

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