EA Announced It Wants To Merge With The World’s Giant Companies

    American game company Electronic Arts wants the company to be merged or sold. Among the names planned for this sale are important names such as Amazon and Apple.

    Microsoft’s acquisition of the game company Activision Blizzard for 68.7 billion dollars was on the agenda all over the world. A long time after this move by the US technology giant, it turned out that Electronic Arts was in a similar search.

    Gaming company EA is rumoured to want the company to be merged or sold out entirely. In this regard, EA has reportedly been in talks with several companies. However, there is no clear information about which company will buy EA or not.

    EA talks to Disney, Apple and Amazon

    According to rumours, video game company EA held talks with technology giants Apple and Amazon. Not only that. In addition, an important meeting was held with the TV series-film platform Disney Plus in March. But Disney wasn’t too positive about this offer as it’s currently focusing on new streaming services.

    Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision undoubtedly encouraged EA as well. EA, which is dealing with the merger or sale of the company, is meeting with giant names at this point. However, EA has some conditions in case of sale or partnership.

    For example, in addition to the ones mentioned above, it was reported that the company named Comcast was much more welcoming to this offer. EA may be wholly sold or merged with Comcast upon agreement. But the game company upholds the condition that the general manager (Wilson) will not change in either case. Of course, there is no formal agreement for now.

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