Instagram Reels Become 90 Seconds!

    Instagram, which appeared to increase the length of Reels to 90 seconds in the past weeks, has started to open the said change to users. In addition to the new 90-second length, there will be 4 different options for the length of Reels videos.

    Instagram, which is in a great fight with TikTok and YouTube Shorts as a video sharing platform, has increased the length of Reels videos to 60 seconds in the past months. The platform, which allows 15, 30 and 60 seconds of Reels videos today, has recently come to the fore with the news that it will also allow 90 seconds.

    Weeks after that news, Reels, where content producers and users watch their way, finally started making the 90-second length available. Some Instagram users started to see the 90-second option among the duration options on the Reels creation page.

    The screenshot showing the new length option also pointed to a new design in the button for selecting the Reels duration. Once Instagram reaches a total of four length options, it will no longer allow these lengths to be changed by clicking the button. Instead, clicking the button will open a small window and show the length options.

    While the fierce struggle between video platforms continues, Instagram came to the fore with its post pinning feature the other day. With this feature, Instagram users will be able to pin the posts they wish to their profiles and ensure that the post is always on top.

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