Mercedes’ Favorite C-Class Is Back as AMG: Introducing the Mercedes-AMG C43

    The C series, one of the most popular series of the Mercedes-Benz family, appeared this time under the umbrella of Mercedes-AMG.

    German automotive giant Mercedes has been giving hints that we will see C series cars in AMG recently. And finally, Mercedes shared the first information about the new Mercedes C43 joining the AMG family.

    The car, which is not far from the C series in terms of design, has a slightly more aggressive appearance as expected from AMG. Thanks to the vehicle’s new grille, front bumper and sharp lines, the C43 manages to stand out as the ‘ rebel child of the family ‘.

    It comes with a hybrid engine and a 9-speed automatic transmission.

    When we look under the hood of the C43, which looks aggressive from the outside, we can easily understand that it is a real AMG. Adding a 48-volt electric motor to a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder and turbo engine, Mercedes managed to create a monster with a total of 410 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque.

    The ‘Boost’ feature of the vehicle allows the electric motor to run at full power and acts as a kind of ‘ modern nitrous ‘, adding an extra 13 horsepower to the vehicle, albeit for a short time. We are sure that the vehicle, which is limited to 250 km / h from the factory, can do much more than that.

    The C43, which will be launched with a 9-speed automatic transmission, can easily transfer its power to the asphalt with its 4-wheel drive (AWD). AMG engineers make the vehicle’s power distribution 31/69, ensuring that more power is transmitted to the rear wheels, which paves the way for a smooth driving experience in all conditions.

    The vehicle also has a ‘ Race Start ‘ mode, which we can call the Drag mode. Thanks to this mode, your vehicle makes the necessary adjustments automatically, ensuring that your vehicle is the first vehicle to cross the finish line. It has also been announced that a new technology used in F1 cars that minimizes turbo lag (Turbo Lag) is used in the vehicle.

    Mercedes officials have not made any statement about the price of the vehicle at this time. It is thought that the price of Mercedes-AMG C43, which will take its place in dealers soon, will be announced soon.

    Here are the images from the Mercedes-AMG C43

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