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Metaverse effect on the crypto money world! The rise continues


In the world of crypto money, 8 Metaverse and Meme coins have risen, leaving popular altcoins behind.

While Bitcoin continued at stable levels on the first day of the week, eyes were turned to 8 Metaverse and Meme coins. Well, what is the reason for this acceleration that has left many popular altcoins behind? Which altcoins are bullish? Here are the details…

8 Metaverse and Meme coins made a happy rise
XIDO , the play-to-win token of the cryptocurrency market , has gained nearly 200 percent in the past week. The BTC front, on the other hand, closed the week at its highest level since February. What about the effects of Facebook ‘s new name Meta’s project on the coin market?

The coin that showed the fastest acceleration in the last 24 hours was METADOGE with an increase of 48.8 percent . Ariva (ARV) coin was in the second place of the Metaverse coins , facing an increase of 37 percent. According to the official Twitter account of Ariva Digitals yesterday, the Ariva team will attend the Dubai Blockchain Summit. The fact that he will take part in one of the world’s most influential events in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry, WBS Dubai, has made the investors even more enthusiastic.

Among the rising Metaverse coins are Bezene (BZN) and Neos Credits (NCR). BZN showed an increase of 25.3 percent, while NCR in 4th place showed an increase of 19.7 percent. NCR, which gained approximately 170 percent in December, is an innovative Metaverse coin developed by Neos Credit.

When we look at the rising Meme coins, Vitoge (VITOGE) takes the first place with an increase of 85.1 %. After VITOGE, which showed an increase of 39.2 percent in the previous day, there is Sincere Doge (SDOGE) with an increase of 25.5 percent. “SincereDogeSwap has been developed and is now free,” the official SDOGE account said in a statement.

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