Netflix Will Ask For Separate Money For Each House You Log In To Your Account!

    Netflix, which wants to prevent password sharing, started to test a new solution after paid profiles. The company will also start charging additional fees if the account is accessed from a different location.

    Under the new solution, Netflix will now start charging for a new profile added to each subscription. But this solution won’t be limited to just that.

    New tests, which started in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Argentina, also showed Netflix’s other password-sharing measures. Users in these countries will have to pay extra fees when they try to access their Netflix account from a location other than their own home .

    An additional $3 will be required for access from different homes

    According to the details shared by Bloomberg, users who want to access their Netflix account from a different location will have to purchase an additional ‘home’ for $2.99. Fortunately, this precaution will not appear the first time you try to log into your account from another home.

    The ‘buy home’ feature on Netflix will be mandatory if your account has been used in a different home for more than two weeks. On mobile devices, there will be no such limitation. If you use Netflix from devices such as phones, tablets or laptops, you will not have to pay extra house fees based on your location. Also, if you’re on vacation, you won’t be charged this fee if you access Netflix from your TV.

    So how will Netflix detect that you are in a different location?

    The answer to this question was also given directly on the support page in the countries where Netflix started the tests. The page included the following statements:

    “We use information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity.”

    In other words, Netflix will not learn from location services such as GPS that you are logging in from a different location. Instead, it will look at the IP address and device information. With the new feature, the company will show users in which locations their accounts are used and also enable them to ban locations.

    When accessing Netflix connected to a VPN, proxy or any unblocking service, users may inadvertently have to pay extra house fees. Because these services serve to change the location of your device in the virtual environment.

    So why take such a precaution?

    The answer to this question lies under Netflix’s previous statements. The company announced that more than 100 million homes use a single account in the statement it shared after losing its subscribers for the first time in the last 10 years. He cited this situation as one of the reasons for the loss of subscribers.

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