NFT and Metaverse move from the world famous football team!

    The world-famous football team has filed several trademark applications for crypto and Metaverse. Here are the details!

    NFT and Metaverse are among the most frequently encountered terms recently. Many famous brands are preparing to go to the world of Metaverse these days. One of them is the world famous football team Paris Saint-Germain . The team, which has recently taken an important step in the field of Metaverse, ensures that the crypto market merges with sports.

    Paris Saint-Germain applies for Metaverse
    French club Paris Saint-Germain, which includes star names such as Neymar , Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe , applied for a trademark to enter NFT and Metaverse. According to the information disclosed, the trademark will cover NFT-powered multimedia, crypto wallets, managing cryptocurrency transactions, virtual apparel, sporting goods and electronics.

    Licensed Metaverse brand attorney Michael Kondoudis shared on Twitter on March 21. The lawyer announced in this post that the trademark application was made on March 16 . In addition, Kondoudis said in the press release:

    Paris Saint-Germain is one of the most well-known football clubs in the world, and the value placed on the name and brand of the team is enormous. This filing represents the next logical step to protect the brand as it enters the Metaverse.

    Kondoudis also continued:

    PSG sees the potential of the Metaverse and is preparing its trademark for the virtual economy that will dominate it. This move follows the trend of starting other professional sports brands in preparations to join Metaverse.

    Metaverse attracts great attention in sports organizations
    In general, it was noteworthy that there was a great increase in interest from sports organizations last year. Trademark attorney predicts an increase in the number of trademark registrations for non-traditional virtual goods and services from the world of professional sports. Notably, in February it announced that Manchester City had begun the construction of the world’s first football stadium in the Metaverse, with the help of Sony’s virtual reality (VR) experts . In addition, concepts such as meeting and communicating with other players in the Metaverse are among the thoughts.

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