Saudi Arabia Bought Part of Nintendo!

    The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund bought 5.01% of Nintendo. With the acquisition, Saudi Arabia became Nintendo’s fifth-largest shareholder.

    The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, which is the world’s largest investment fund and is headed by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, made a purchase today that closely concerns the gaming world. The fund bought 5.01% of Nintendo, one of the giants of the game world.

    With the acquisition shared by the Japanese Ministry of Finance, the Public Investment Fund has become the company’s fifth-largest shareholder. According to the details shared by Bloomberg, the purchase was made by the Fund for ‘investment purposes’. The statement shared by Nintendo included a strange detail.

    Nintendo learned of the acquisition from the news

    According to the information Bloomberg received from a Nintendo spokesperson, the company learned through the news that they bought 5% of the Saudi Arabian fund. The company shared that it would not comment on the matter to shareholders. On the other hand, with the new investment in Saudi Arabia, its presence in the gaming world has also increased.

    The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund also currently has a large stake in Activision Blizzard, which Microsoft has agreed to acquire. However, the fund also has shares in EA and Take-Two. The fund also invested in Nexon and Capcom just this year.

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