An Application That Will Make Non-Sportsmen Love Sports: Pedal To Earn Crypto Money!

    A South Korean company aimed to enable people in the crypto money market to do sports with an application it launched recently. For this purpose, you can earn crypto money by pedaling in the application they have released.

    The crypto world continues to become a part of our daily lives at a rapid pace. The situation has become such that; Exchanges have even started issuing credit and debit cards so users can use their crypto savings to shop.

    The crypto market, which is growing day by day, has become one of the best ways to get people to do sports. A company has launched an app where people can earn cryptocurrency by cycling.

    Turn the pedals to earn crypto money!

    The basic logic of the application, which was implemented by a South Korean company on April 19, is based on earning crypto money as you pedal on a sports bike. Launched with the motto of Cardio Healthcare Company, a health company, “Move to win”, the application attracted great interest from users. With the application, the company both encourages people to play sports and makes earning crypto money quite fun. So how does the app work? First you need to buy the company’s cardio bikes. After you buy the bike, you also get VR glasses and a video game called Cardio HUB to bring the application to life.

    After you put on your VR glasses, you turn on Cardio HUB and pedal to move your avatar. The more you pedal, the more Cardiocoins you earn. Although the number of people who do sports and eat healthily is increasing day by day; With the increasing dependence on technological devices, we can be pushed towards a sedentary life. The company underlines that Metaverse may also cause this inactivity and that they want to prevent it. The app is fairly new at the moment but continues to attract a lot of attention. Test bikes have been placed in 20 gyms in South Korea, and the number of active users in the application is 7 thousand 449. The company states that the amount of users earned from the application so far is approximately 10 thousand dollars.

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