Announcing that it will accept payment with crypto money, Gucci has now built a ‘town’ in Roblox

    Luxury clothing brand Gucci has signed a new collaboration with Roblox and built its own town in the game and opened it to visitors. It has been announced that the brand’s ‘Gucci Town’ world will be permanently on Roblox.

    The luxury clothing brand Gucci, which takes on an active role in the world of metaverse and crypto money, has launched a new venture today. The online game platform Roblox, which is currently categorized as ‘metaverse’, has started to host the special ‘Gucci Town’ map created by Gucci.

    Gucci’s platform, which can be visited on Roblox from today, features a garden in the middle, a virtual store where players can buy Gucci items for Roblox avatars, and exclusive games. To visit Gucci Town in Roblox, click this link to open the Roblox page of that world.

    The map will be permanent on Roblox:

    Gucci’s new Roblox venture actually isn’t the first time we’ve seen the brand here. The brand put its world named ‘Gucci Garden’ in Roblox in May last year. But this world, unlike Gucci Town, remained in the game for only 2 weeks. It was announced that Gucci Town will remain in the game for an unlimited time.

    In its newly shared statement, Gucci also announced that it won the Webby Award, one of the prestigious awards in the internet world, last year. The company also emphasized that it is the first luxury clothing brand to create a lasting experience in Roblox with its new world. Gucci Town marks the fifth collaboration with Roblox.

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