Ex-Google CEO Statement on Investing in Cryptocurrency: “Web3 is So Powerful and Exciting”

    Eric Schmidt, who was the CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011, announced that he invested in cryptocurrencies. The businessman, who has a fortune of 22.8 billion dollars, stated that Web3, which is seen as the next stage of the internet, also attracts his attention.

    Cryptocurrencies, which are said to be the currency of the internet and the future, are becoming more common day by day. In fact, this situation is progressing so much that countries are even starting to officially accept cryptocurrencies. In a news we shared with you the other day, we mentioned that Bitcoin (BTC) was declared an official currency in another country after El Salvador.

    Of course, in addition to these, there is news from many giant companies and names showing that investments in cryptocurrencies are coming. Now, the former CEO of Google, one of the largest technology companies in the world, Eric Schmidt has made statements on this subject.

    Schmidt reveals he is investing in cryptocurrencies and is excited about Web3

    Famous businessman Eric Schmidt, who has a fortune of $ 22.8 billion, made statements to CNBC about cryptocurrencies and Web3. The billionaire, who served as the CEO of Google between 2001 and 2011,   stated that he had a ‘small’ investment in cryptocurrencies. Schmidt, who did not explain which cryptocurrency he invested in, added that he has just started his investments on this subject.

    The 67-year-old businessman stated that Web3 is the part that interests him the most about blockchain. “ This model, where you control your own identity and has no centralized manager, is very powerful and exciting,” Schmidt said.

    If you ask what is Web3, which has become very popular lately; abolishing the central authorities of the internet; that is, the decentralized and blockchain-based version is called. This concept is described as the ‘third version’ and future of the internet, which has taken a serious place in our lives. It is also stated that cryptocurrencies are of great importance for Web3.

    Schmidt, who is also a software developer, also stated that if he were a young software engineer now, artificial intelligence and Web3 would be areas he would want to work in. The former Google executive added that cryptocurrencies are very important to Web3, which is a topic that interests him. Stating that Web3 will come with many new models, Schmidt stated that ” Web3 economy, platforms and usage are very interesting” in his statements, and lastly, this technology has not been used as desired; but he stated that it will be used in the future.

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