NFT Video Conversation System Developed

    A startup called Hologram has received funding from many big names, including Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda. Currently serving as a Google Chrome extension, the system allows users to create avatars that can move in real-time.

    New news about cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which are described as technologies of the future, continue to come every day. Many technology companies and famous names explain that they are making moves toward these issues. NFT avatars are one of the assets that receive such investments.

    Now a move towards NFTs has come from a member of the world-famous rock band Linkin Park. Mike Shinoda, a co-founder of the group, has invested in Hologram, which allows its users to create NFTs.

    Video calls can be made as NFT

    Available as a Google Chrome extension, for now, Hologram allows its users to create their own NFT. More specifically, this system can convert your image to NFT in real-time and even change your voice. The company also underlines that this process, which is stated to be realized through machine learning, does not collect user data. 

    A clip Hologram posted on Twitter also shows that your NFT can be created during a Google Meet meeting. Examining the video, it is seen that the system monitors your movements and creates animated avatars that can move according to you. 

    As we mentioned, Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda is among the company’s investors. It is stated that Shinoda will also work on Hologram’s NFT music project Ziggurats. It is also among the news that many different names other than Shinoda have invested in Hologram. 

    Founded by two entrepreneurs interested in Web3 projects and raising $6.5 million in investment, Hologram generally wants to replace limited-function NFTs and bring such avatars to life. Saying that a mobile application will come soon, the company also emphasizes that its technology can be used to create short and long videos. 

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