Technical Error Experienced in Made Users Profit Up To 40 Percent

    An error in the cryptocurrency exchange caused users to profit up to 30-40%. The official statement came from the company…

    A critical error has occurred on the world-famous cryptocurrency exchange, one of the companies that keep the stock market open in LUNA transactions, provided users with a 30-40 per cent profit due to an error caused by the mobile application.

    The firm determined that the error was caused by incorrect prices for the LUNA. Users noticed that there was some imbalance in prices at the time of purchase. In response, all transactions on have been halted.

    Statement from

    In the error caused by the mobile application, users observed some differences in LUNA prices. This error caused users to profit up to 30-40 times from their LUNA trades. However, realizing the situation, reversed the transactions, allowing them to be reversed.

    While users expressed their concerns about the withdrawal of transactions on Twitter, it was not delayed to make a statement from the CEO of, Kris Marszalek. Marszalek, in his post; “The main reason is; “While multiple external factors (changes due to the Luna death spiral, withdrawals, and the entire Luna network shutdown) should typically act on index pricing, it doesn’t and price biases occur.”

    Also in a recent post, the CEO of also announced that users can repurchase LUNA tokens at the instant market price.

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