Telegram Has A Feature That Allows You To Send Cryptocurrency With A Single Message

    Popular messaging app Telegram has started allowing users to send cryptocurrencies to each other with a single message. In the statements, it was stated that the crypto money that can be sent is Toncoin (TON).

    With cryptocurrencies becoming more and more common, there are moves from technology giants to this issue. Many companies continue their work without slowing down to provide services to their users about cryptocurrencies, which are believed to be the currency of the internet.

    Now, a move in this regard has come from Telegram, one of the world’s leading messaging platforms. It has been stated that the giant messaging service, which has increased its popularity recently, has started to offer crypto money support. It was also stated in the statements that this service will include two cryptocurrencies.

    Cryptocurrency can be sent with a single message

    According to the news, Telegram will now allow its users to send the cryptocurrency called Toncoin (TON) with a single message. Announced by the statements made by TON (The Open Network), it was stated that this support would be free, and the following statements were used: “ You can now send Toncoin directly via Telegram chats. This service, which allows you to send Toncoins to any Telegram user without paying transaction fees, will no longer require you to enter long wallet addresses and wait for confirmation.”

    TON also shared a video on how to use crypto integration in its announcement on Twitter. The support is available with the help of a wallet bot. You need to search by typing ‘@wallet’ in the search section of the application and click on the bot that appears. After that, you need to press the part that appears as ‘Add bots to attachments’ on the screen that opens and gives your approval. Thus, your wallet becomes active, and during conversations with other users, you can access your wallet and send crypto money by clicking on the ‘attach’ icon at the bottom of the screen.

    Let’s add to our words that in addition to sending Toncoins, users can buy the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) with the help of the wallet.

    Telegram abandoned the TON project in recent years.

    Telegram has started to take important steps in crypto money in the past years. The TON project, known as Telegram Open Network, was one of these steps of the company. But in 2020, pressure from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) led the company to abandon the project. After that, the project was renamed The Open Network by a group of developers and continued.

    Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, which integrated this crypto money into the application, also said in his statements a few days ago, “ I am proud that the project we have created is still alive and continues to develop. TON is far ahead of other projects in the field of blockchain and expressed his happiness for the continuation of the project.

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