Facebook’s Name in the Stock Exchange Is Changing

    Facebook, which changed the name of the roofing company to Meta, announced an important decision. According to the statements made, the company will no longer use the FB abbreviation on the NASDAQ stock market. On June 9, this name will change to ‘META’.

    Facebook, the umbrella company of social networks such as WhatsApp and Instagram, has changed its name with a decision it has taken in the past. The company’s new name was Meta. This was a decision taken for the umbrella company rather than the social media application called Facebook. Authorities announced that they would invest in metaverse technologies in line with this decision. Now, there has been an important development regarding Meta.

    Meta has been listed as FB on NASDAQ for more than 10 years. However, this will change very soon. According to the official statements, investors who want to buy FB shares will not be able to find this name as of June 9th. The company’s listing name on the stock exchange will be “META”.

    Nothing but a name change for the investor

    The name change on the NASDAQ stock market will not change anything in the lives of investors. Lot prices will continue to be at their current value. Investors who want to buy or sell will use the META code instead of FB as of June 9th. 

    Facebook has already addressed this issue during its rebranding process. In the first statements, it was announced that the name of the company on the NASDAQ stock exchange would be “MVRS”. In fact, this change would be effective as of January 1, 2022. However, this decision was later abandoned. With an announcement, it was said that the change was postponed to the first quarter of 2022. Now it seems that the final decision on the matter has been made.

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