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20-year employee claim: Microsoft took $200 million bribe


Microsoft is awash with bribery allegations. Middle East and Africa workers are accused of kidnapping close to $200 million.

The former Microsoft director made claims that would get the company in big trouble. The former employee said the company had smuggled over $200 million , alleging involvement in Microsoft’s bribery operations in the Middle East and Africa .

Former Microsoft employee Yasser Elabd exposed bribery at Microsoft offices in the Middle East and Africa. He claimed that the tech giant’s salespeople and executives engaged in bribery. Here are the mind-blowing claims from a 20-year Microsoft employee.

Microsoft joins Middle East and Africa bribery network
The US technology giant is now awash with allegations of bribery. Yasser Elabd, who claimed that Microsoft was linked to hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes, was director of the emerging markets team for the Middle East and Africa. Microsoft; It could be responsible for $200 million of the bribe network in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Qatar and Saudi Arabia .

According to Elabd’s claims, Middle East and Africa employees sent $40,000 to people who were not in Microsoft’s potential customer database and also had insufficient skills. Elabd reported this situation to his manager, human resources and the legal department. Payments of $40,000 were suspended, but the bribery attempt was not investigated.

According to Elabd, some mistakes also came to the fore in the agreements made with the two government agencies. For example, after the agreements, a discount of $ 5.5 million was not applied to the customers, and it turned out that the discount of $ 13.6 million was not reflected on the customers in the agreement made with the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia .

In a bribery attempt in Qatar , it was stated that the country’s educational institutions were paid $ 9.5 million after Office and Windows licenses were met , but these programs of Microsoft were never sent to educational institutions.

In an interview about the former employee bribery allegations , “It happens at every level. All managers are aware of this and they promote bad people. “If you’re doing the right thing, they won’t promote you.”

Microsoft Compliance and Ethics Assistant General Counsel Becky Lenaburg stated that they have started cooperation with government institutions, saying that they comply with the laws, policies and ethical values ​​of each country.

Elabd also complained that Microsoft executives were aware of this situation. “No legal action has been taken against these employees, even though they know they are stealing the company and governments money,” Elabd says, and wants a large-scale search for Middle East and Africa offices.

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