6 Billion Dollars Penalty for Family Owner of Pharmaceutical Company Responsible for Hundreds of Deaths

    The family of the company, which produces the drug ‘OxyContin’, which killed more than 500 people in the USA, agreed to pay 6 billion dollars in compensation. The family also expressed regret for what happened.

    The United States of America has been in a great struggle with the drug called ‘OxyContin’ for more than a year. This ultra-strong pain reliever, which can be severely addictive, usually given after surgery, caused opioid addiction in the country and killed more than 500 people.

    Members of the Sackler family, which owns Purdue Pharma, one of the manufacturers of this drug, which went bankrupt, have reached an agreement on the penalty to be paid in the lawsuit for damages for the drug’s damages. According to the agreement, 6 billion dollars of the compensation amount, which could reach 10 billion dollars due to the social crisis caused by the drug, was determined as the share of the family .


    However, the deal also demanded that the Sackler family relinquish control of the firm, which filed for bankruptcy due to lawsuits. Upon reaching the agreement, a statement came from the family. The shared statement included the following statements:

    “The family sincerely regret that OxyContin, a prescription drug that continues to help people with chronic pain, despite having complied with the law in all respects, has unexpectedly become part of an opioid crisis that has brought grief and loss to so many families and communities.”

    In addition to Purdue Pharma, Johnson and Johnson and the three main distributors agreed to pay a total of $26 billion in penalties as a result of lawsuits filed across the country for opioid addiction on February 25.

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