A Massive Hollywood-Themed Metaverse Is Being Built: Moviegoers Will Gather at MetaHollywood

    A huge Hollywood-themed metaverse is being built. He states that the virtual environment will be a great opportunity for moviegoers, producers and studios to come together.

    As you know, the virtual universe concept, which is described as the future of the internet, is being transferred to the virtual environment in the metaverse, a reflection of the real world. So a virtual version of many things that actually exist is also in the metaverse. 

    It seems that now the heart of the film industry is moving to the Hollywood metaverse. Accordingly, it is reported that this virtual environment, where movie lovers, film studios and producers can interact in the metaverse, will also include a market for digital collections. It is stated that all this experience will be powered by blockchain technology and the native service token of the joint venture. 

    The largest Hollywood-themed online community in the Metaverse: MetaHollywood

    Animoca Brands and Planet Hollywood Group are reportedly collaborating to create the largest online community in a Hollywood-themed metaverse. In the statement, it is stated that with the joint venture called MetaHollywood, the Hollywood experience will transform into a Web3 metadatabase that benefits and reaches more supporters, studios and creators globally in a virtual environment.

    Additionally, the initiative will help create, own, interact, distribute and share digital collections, movies, clips and other assets as NFT. In addition, it is noted that more than 60 thousand iconic cinema memories of Planet Hollywood, which covers all popular movie genres, can be converted into tokens by MetaHollywood.

    On the subject, Planet Hollywood founder Robert Earl said, “Through MetaHollywood, we will deliver unrivaled benefits and functionality in this booming industry,” while Yat Siu, Animoca Brands co-founder and chairman, said, “The MetaHollywood joint venture is Planet Hollywood’s broader Leveraging a network of celebrities and IPs and combining them with our industry expertise and broad portfolio of products and companies will create tremendous opportunities .” conveys the form. 

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