A Twitch Streamer Is On The Agenda With His Sharing Alleging Twitch’s ‘Gender Discrimination’: Social Media Divided In Two

    Known for her chat broadcasts on Twitch, Shirahiko claimed that Twitch discriminated against gender with a post she made on Twitter. In the post that divided social media into two, it was noteworthy that Twitch did not give a warning against hate speech against men.

    Twitch remains one of the most popular streaming platforms. There are definitely a few streamers that almost everyone, gamer or non-gamer, follows. Especially lately, besides game broadcasts, art and chat channels have also attracted great attention.

    Shirahiko, who has been on Twitch broadcasts for a long time and is known for her chat broadcasts, touched on an interesting subject with a tweet she sent today. Shirahiko ‘s sharing that Twitch claimed to make ‘gender discrimination’ brought along interesting reactions.

    “Twitch doesn’t like men”

    Shirahiko, who wanted to change her Twitch broadcast title, said that when she edited her title to “I hate men”, she received no warning from Twitch, but when she changed the title to “I hate women”, she was stuck with the warning of Twitch moderation policy. Sharing the screenshot of the warnings with her followers, Shirahiko included the words “Even Twitch hates you” in her post.

    The post about Twitch’s gender segregation garnered a lot of backlash in a short time. While some users said that hate speech should be completely controlled, others argued that hate is also an emotion and should be freely expressed. The reason why hate speech against women is not allowed but against men is unknown. An official statement on the subject has not yet come from Twitch.

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