AMD and Intel suspend chip supply to Russia!

    In this period of tension between Russia and Ukraine, AMD and Intel made a critical decision. Here are the details…

    Echoes of tension between Russia and Ukraine continue. Even though Russia, which recently decided to attack Ukraine by making a military operation and was learned that it finally entered the city of Kharkov, says that our aim is not an invasion, we can say that the events that took place show the opposite of this situation.

    Sanctions against Russia, which drew the world’s reaction with this decision, are incessant. At this point, world-renowned technology companies have also started to take sanction decisions. Finally, semiconductor manufacturers AMD and Intel stated that they were on the side of Ukraine and announced that they had imposed sanctions on Russia.

    A sanction against Russia came from Intel and AMD!

    AMD and Intel are among the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers. Both companies meet the hardware needs all over the world with their products.

    The two companies, which took action immediately after Russia’s attempt to invade Ukraine, decided to impose sanctions. In this context, RBC Group, a major Russian media group headquartered in Moscow, announced that the companies in question stopped supplying chips to Russia. In fact, it was stated that both companies took action without waiting for the decision that will come into effect on March 3.

    We can say that this decision is highly compatible with the latest sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. However, contrary to popular belief, it does not cover consumer communication devices such as personal computers, smartphones and cameras. Industrial areas such as private companies, government agencies and media organizations are targeted here.

    An Intel spokesperson, who made a statement to RBC Group on the subject, used the following statements;

    Intel is monitoring the situation closely and remains highly compliant with applicable sanctions and export control regulations, including new sanctions imposed by OFAC and rules issued by the BIS.

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