Boeing 737 carrying 133 passengers crashed into a mountain in China!

    The Boeing 737 of China Eastern Airlines crashed into a mountain while traveling from Kunming to Guangzhou.

    A new one has been added to the very rare plane crashes. According to the breaking news, a Boeing 737 type plane carrying 133 passengers on its deck crashed into a mountainous area. Eyewitnesses who witnessed the incident reported that a fire broke out in the area where the debris was located.

    While rescuers are trying to reach the crash site, there is no statement yet on the number of dead or injured. Here are the details of the terrible accident…

    Boeing 737 carrying 133 passengers crashed into a mountain in China
    The Boeing 737 of China Eastern Airlines , which makes domestic flights in China , took off from Kunming at 13.11 local time. The plane, with 133 passengers on board, was to arrive at Guangzhou airport around 15:05. However, something went wrong during the flight. According to reports, it crashed into a mountain at 14:22.

    According to the statements made, the plane, which crashed into the mountainous area in the Guangxi region, caught fire immediately after the fall. Local media, which relayed images from the scene, stated that no official statement was made regarding the number of casualties or injuries. The government contented itself with announcing that rescue teams were trying to reach the crash site.

    In the first images shared from the point where the plane crashed, the dense mass of smoke rising to the sky draws attention. Local media are reporting that China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 took off from Kunming at 13:11 local time . At 14:22, the minute the contact was cut off, the plane was at an altitude of about 1000 meters. The planned end time of the journey was 15.05.

    Chinese airlines have been among the safest airlines in the world in recent years. The last major accident occurred during a domestic flight in 2010. When the Embraer E-190 plane carrying 96 people crashed, 44 passengers died.

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