Developed ‘Super Absorbent Gel’ That Can Produce Fresh Water From Air

    Scientists announced that they have developed a ‘super-absorbent gel’ that can absorb sweets from the air. In the statements, it was stated that 1 kilogram of gel can produce 6 litres of water at 15% relative humidity.

    As we all know, our planet is getting hotter day by day. Causes such as agricultural demands, climate changes, high carbon emissions and pollution seriously threaten the future of both the Earth and living things. It is also stated that these factors may worsen in the future and lead to dire consequences such as water shortages.

    Scientists continue their work without slowing down to take the necessary precautions against these terrifying possibilities. A recently published study also reveals that a new and interesting method can be used against water scarcity.

    ‘Super-absorbent gel’ produced that can absorb fresh water from the air

    Experts have developed a ‘super-absorbent gel’ that can absorb moisture in low humidity weather. It was stated that this gel, which is produced from affordable materials, can release moisture as freshwater when heated. In addition, it was stated that theoretically, one kilogram of gel can produce approximately 6 litres of water at 15% relative humidity and more than 13 litres at 30% humidity.

    Guihua Yu, one of the researchers, also said in a press release, “The new study; covers practical methods people can use to get water in the hottest, driest places. “It could also enable millions of people who do not have constant access to drinking water to have simple water-producing devices at home that they can easily use.”

    It can be used by anyone due to its low cost

    According to the statements, scientists created the gel with a derivative of cellulose found in plants, a fibre obtained from the edible plant konjac, and a lithium chloride salt. It was stated that the liquid ingredients were mixed and poured into a container, left to stand for two minutes, and then frozen in a thin layer. In the study, attention was also drawn to the very low cost of the materials required to make 1 kilogram of gel.

    Chemical engineer Youhong Guo also emphasized that the product can be used by everyone by using the expression “The synthesis of this gel is very simple” in his explanations about this. Stating that the gel layers are saturated with moisture about 20 minutes after drying, the researchers added that the gel is heated to obtain a drinkable liquid.

    Finally, it was stated that the gel absorbs water quite efficiently compared to other absorbent materials, does not add harmful chemicals to the water and does not deteriorate with repeated use. However, the tests were carried out with milligram gels; It is worth noting that the results are estimated in kilograms. Experts also emphasized that there is a need for more work on the subject and that measures should be increased regarding water scarcity.

    The aforementioned research was recently published in the academic journal Nature Communications.

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