Dyson Starts Working on Home Help Robots

    Dyson, one of the leading names in the electrical household appliances industry, announced that it has started working on household robots. Robots, which aim to make human life easier at an unprecedented level, seem to be more of a robotic arm type for now.

    Dyson, which attracted great attention in the world with the vacuums, hair stylers and air cleaners it developed, made very important statements about the future of the company. Speaking within the scope of the International Robotics and Automation Conference held in Philadelphia, USA, company officials announced that Dyson is working on domestic robots. It looks like the robot home helpers we’ve seen in movies for years will become real products with Dyson.

    According to the statements made by Dyson, a huge robotics research centre has been established on the Hullavington Airport campus in England. This facility is touted as the UK’s largest. In fact, Dyson executives announced that they need new staff to work at this facility. The foundations of Dyson’s home robots will also be laid in this facility. So, what kind of robots will the end-user encounter?

    Doing housework with Dyson’s robots could become a thing of the past

    When we look at the images served by Dyson, we see that the company is mostly working on robotic arms. In this context; Robots that help with washing dishes, robots that clean up, and robots that will clean uneven surfaces such as sofas seem to be among the company’s priorities. Dyson states that it will support its home robots with artificial intelligence. After the work is done, it is aimed to ensure that these robots do not damage any objects. In other words, robots developed by Dyson will be able to hold things delicately, just like us humans.

    As a matter of fact, Dyson entered the home robotics industry with the robot vacuum called “360 Eye”. However, the company’s statements in the USA reveal that the plans will not consist of robot vacuums. The company, which draws attention with almost every product it launches, seems to shake the agenda with its home-type robots.

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