Elon Musk’s Brain Chip Neuralink Could Be Used To Treat Morbid Obesity: So What Is Morbid Obesity?

    It is on the agenda that Neuralink, the technology of Elon Musk that combines the human brain and the machine, can treat obesity as well as many claims. Musk explained that treatment is possible with the help of an implant placed in the brain.

    The Neuralink project, which has caused controversy since the day Elon Musk was announced, was also discussed with monkey experiments in the past days. Although there was no explanation on the subject, it was thought that the death of 15 monkeys during the tests could put Neuralink tests into trouble. 

    It seems that there are no problems with the tests yet, and the countdown continues to begin human trials. Along with this, new information has emerged about the possible usage areas of Neuralink. It is claimed that obesity, which is perhaps one of the biggest problems of our age, can be treated with Neuralink.

    Implants can be placed in the brains of morbid obesity patients to curb their appetite 

    As we said before, although Elon Musk is on the agenda with his controversial projects, Neuralink’s work, which aims to establish a bond between humans and machines, continues. There is not much development in exactly which areas Neuralink can be used. However, in previous tests, we have seen studies such as computer control with brainpower. In an interview with Chris Anderson from TED, Elon Musk explained that Neuralink studies can also lead to one of the biggest problems of our time, morbid obesity. 

    It is known that the quality of life of the majority of morbid obesity patients is seriously reduced. Musk also explained that he saw really sad stories among the mails to Neuralink and that people were really willing to participate in the Neuralink tests. At one point in his interview, Musk said,  “You know, a place where someone is in the prime of their life and has an accident with a motorcycle and a 25-year-old can’t feed himself. This is something we can fix,” he said, adding that he wanted to change people’s lives. Stating that, like many diseases, morbid obesity patients often come across their e-mails, Musk claims that this problem can be solved to a large extent by placing implants in the area of ​​​​the brain that causes an increase in appetite.

    The majority of the opinions from the experts are that Neuralink can beat morbid obesity as well as many things claimed to be able to do. Sadaf Farooqi, Professor of metabolism and medicine at the University of Cambridge, also says the project is possible. Farooqi states that if you focus on the hypothalamus region of the brain, the problems that cause an increase in appetite can be solved.

    So, what is morbid obesity?

    Although there is an increase in the number of people who eat healthy today, the craze for fast food consumption continues to increase day by day. This leads to obesity and obesity-related diseases. Of course, it should be said that not all obesity diseases are related to overeating. This is where ‘morbid obesity’ comes into play. In general, it occurs when the metabolism in the body slows down excessively. Experts state that a clear cause of this disease cannot be determined and it may occur for different reasons from person to person.

    Unfortunately, however, the consequences of morbid obesity are extremely worrying. The living standards of the majority of people with morbid obesity are greatly reduced and they have difficulty meeting their own needs. Experts on the subject warn that morbid obesity can shorten the lifespan of people and cause a painful death.

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