Germany Seizes World’s Largest Yacht Owned by Russian Billionaire

    The first news came from Germany, as European countries and the USA began to target the assets of Russian billionaires. German authorities seized Dilbar, the world’s largest yacht, owned by Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov.

    With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Western world continued to impose huge sanctions against Russia, and a new one was announced yesterday. European countries and the United States of America announced that from now on, the properties of Russian oligarchs would be confiscated. Following this statement, while the oligarchs were directing their assets such as yachts and planes to safe areas, news came from Germany today.

    Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, who was sanctioned by the European Union on Monday, lost his giant yacht yesterday, according to information obtained by Forbes. According to the news that Forbes based on three sources in the yacht industry, Germany confiscated Usmanov’s 156-meter yacht ‘Dilbar’ in the city of Hamburg.

    The yacht was purchased for 600 million dollars.

    Usmanov had purchased the Dilbar yacht for approximately $600 million in 2016. The yacht was built by the German shipbuilder Lürssen over a period of 52 months. The company referred to this yacht as “one of the most challenging and complex yachts ever built, both in size and technology.” The yacht was the world’s largest motor yacht in gross tonnage with 15,917 tons and was managed by a crew of 96.

    In addition, the yacht had the world’s largest swimming pool ever built on a yacht. The yacht also had two helipads. We don’t even need to count the special areas such as the sauna, beauty salon, and gym inside the yacht. 

    The yacht was purchased for 600 million dollars.

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