IKEA Announces It Will Start Selling Solar Panels In The USA

    IKEA, one of the world’s largest furniture and home accessories companies, has decided to take new steps in the USA within the scope of sustainability. According to the statements, the Sweden-based company is SunPower Corp., which sells solar energy products to sell solar panels to residents in the USA. partnered with.

    The worldwide climate crisis is seriously affecting both living ecosystems and the planet itself. Scientists constantly emphasize that this situation seriously threatens the future of the world and humanity and that necessary precautions should be taken. It is stated that renewable energy sources, which are expected to play a major role in reducing the carbon footprint, are also very important for this issue.

    Now, a new one is being added to the efforts to create a more sustainable future. IKEA, one of the world’s largest household goods companies, announced that it will take a step towards renewable energy sources in the United States.

    IKEA to sell solar panels in the US

    The Sweden-based company is SunPower Corp., which sells products in this regard to provide solar energy to its customers in the USA. partnered with. It was stated that the company, which plans to sell solar panels to residences, called this initiative ‘Solar with IKEA’ and it was stated that the panels could be launched next fall.

    Javier Quinones, IKEA’s USA CEO and Sustainability Officer said in his statements, “The aim of Solar with IKEA is to meet the energy needs of more people and to provide clean energy services in the regions where IKEA is located”. It was also among the news that customers can buy from IKEA retail stores for their homes.

    IKEA could be a serious competitor to Tesla in the growing solar market

    It should be added that IKEA already has solar services in 11 countries, including the United Kingdom. CEO Quinones said they are happy to bring these services to the US and SunPower Corp. is reducing its carbon footprint. He stated that they are happy to cooperate with In addition, in the news, it was reported that IKEA could be a serious competitor to Tesla’s subsidiary Tesla Energy in solar panels. Tesla Energy has recently faced complaints about poor customer service and high prices.

    Let’s add that the solar energy market is growing. According to research, the residential solar panel market reached $9.1 billion in 2020 alone in the United States. It is expected that this market will increase even more in the coming years, with the increasing efforts in sustainability.

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