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Instagram Will ‘Punish’ Those Who Share TikTok Videos


Instagram, one of the largest social media platforms in the world, seems to be bored of seeing the contents of TikTok, which has become its biggest rival in a short time, in its ‘Reels’ section. The company announced new features to eliminate this situation and force creators to create content exclusive to Reels.

Instagram, which is in fierce competition with Tiktok, which has reached hundreds of millions of people in a short time, seems to be uncomfortable with its own content producers sharing Tiktok videos as Reels. Instagram is experiencing a shortage of original content due to the constant sharing of Tiktok videos on Reels.

Looking for a solution to this situation, Instagram aims to increase the number of original content with three new features. The company, which is working on ‘smart sorting’ to reduce the TikTok videos found in the Instagram Reels section, will limit the circulation of TikTok videos in Reels.

Instagram will highlight original content

Instagram will highlight original content

Instagram head Adam Mosseri explained the new features in the video he published. Accordingly, the ‘ re-post ‘ content in abundance on Instagram and the content made on different platforms and posted on Reels will be an obstacle for the user to come to the fore. Users will create the video in Reels’ own video editor so that the account and the video can stand out. In this way, content producers will have to produce a new video for Reels instead of sharing videos of different people or platforms directly.

Saying that content producers are very important for the future of Instagram, Mosseri also explained that non-original accounts will be less likely to be recommended and explored. The questions received were mainly “How will you understand the original content?” Again, the answer was given by the head of Instagram.

Stating that they cannot know the original content for sure, Adam Mosseri stated that classifier features will be added to Instagram in order to understand whether the content is original or not. In this way, the platform will be able to understand whether the video has been shared before.

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