Luxury Car Brand Lincoln Introduces New Star Concept EV ‘Attracting to Your 5 Senses’

    Lincoln, one of the largest SUV manufacturers in the USA, introduced the new Star Concept EV model, which made an assertive entry into the electric vehicle market. The company states that the vehicle is the beginning of everything and that they will come up with much better projects in the future.

    A new one is being added to Ford’s Lincoln brand vehicles, which have been frequently preferred by luxury users in the USA for many years. The vehicle, which has an extremely futuristic design, is quite remarkable with its technical features and interior design as well as its appearance.

    Star Concept EV, which Lincoln sees as a big step for the start of electric vehicle production, already seems to be the favorite of those who want to enjoy luxury driving. Let’s take a closer look at the Lincoln Star Concept EV, which looks like it came from the future.

    Star Concept EV is equipped with details that will add fun to your driving pleasure. 

    Lincoln Introduces New Star Concept EV

    Star Concept EV, which took its place on the market last Wednesday, is seen as only the beginning of Licoln’s electric vehicle projects. By combining new designs with different concepts, the company allows the Star Concept EV to provide drivers with a very enjoyable driving experience. While the vehicle is in motion or not, it appeals to the 5 senses of the users with the help of light, sight, smell and sounds in its design. When you want to go for a ride at sunrise, the interior of the vehicle takes on the colors of sunrise and the sounds of the ocean begin to come to your ears and the smell of the sea to your nose. It also helps you park or see the road with its digital assistant.

    Another remarkable feature of its interior design is that it has very spacious and wide seats. Luxury and comfort are not compromised in any part of the vehicle. In addition to luxury and comfort, another feature that cannot be forgotten in the vehicle is; robustness. Lincoln states that during the production of the vehicle, they made sure that the Star Concept EV was a ‘shelter’ for the users . This shows that while the Star Concept Ev offers a fun ride to the drivers, it also does not compromise on durability. Lincoln President Joy Falotico has already sparked a lot of curiosity about her future plans, saying , “This vehicle is an excellent example of how we are redefining luxury for the next generation as we work to transform it into a third space for our customers .”

    Very stylish new images of Star Concept EV

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