Microsoft Has Stopped Selling Products In Russia: Also Supported For Ukraine’s Cyber ​​Security

    Microsoft announced the decision to impose sanctions on Russia after the Russia-Ukraine war. Accordingly, Microsoft suspended all new sales in Russia. It also provides support for Ukraine’s cyber security.

    Sanctions continue to come from all over the world after Russia invaded Ukraine. Faced with the sanctions of the countries at first, Russia is also faced with the sanctions of the big companies that have made a name in the sector apart from the countries. Microsoft, which made a statement about the Russia-Ukraine war in the past days, stated that it stands by Ukraine even though it does not announce sanctions like other companies. 

    A new blog was shared by Microsoft today. In a blog post signed by Brad Smith, the chairman of Microsoft, it was explained what sanctions Microsoft has made against Russia. According to Smith’s statement, Microsoft has suspended all new sales of its products and services in Russia. 

    Microsoft works with governments

    Brad Smith

    Stating that they are in close coordination with the US, European Union and UK governments in addition to this sanction, Smith stated that the governments stopped their business in Russia according to the sanctions decision.

    Microsoft backs Ukraine’s cybersecurity

    In a statement made by Microsoft, it was stated that Microsoft’s most important support to Ukraine was in the field of cyber security. Stating that they are helping Ukraine against cyberattacks from Russia, Smith stated that they are working proactively to assist Ukraine in cyber defense against Russian attacks.


    Stating that they have acted against more than 20 Russian cyberattacks against the Ukrainian government, IT and financial sector institutions since the war began, Smith expressed his concerns that they also acted against attacks against some civilian sites other than the states, and that these attacks violate the Geneva Convention. announced that they had. 

    Microsoft will help people in Ukraine

    According to Smith’s statements, Microsoft announced that they continue to mobilize their resources to help people who are victims of the war in Ukraine. Stating that they are in close contact with UN agencies and the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross), Smith stated that they also protect these groups against cyber attacks when necessary.

    Smith, at the end of his statement, stated that they are dealing with the security of Microsoft employees in Ukraine. Stating that they are in constant communication with all Microsoft employees, including those who had to flee for their lives, Smith stated that they respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and stand by Ukraine against the call for the protection of the people.

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