Minerals Discovered on Ocean Floors Could Help Electric Vehicle Production

    Scientists announced that the ocean floors can be examined for the discovery of important minerals. Accordingly, the minerals that can be discovered can be used in elements that are important for a sustainable future, such as electric vehicles and renewable energy sources.

    Climate changes, which continue to affect the whole world, continue to threaten the future of our planet and the species living on it. For this reason, scientists insist that we should turn to renewable energy sources.

    Now, a new study published has revealed that a new method can be used to increase such energy sources. According to experts, the examination of ancient ocean floors can lead to the discovery of necessary minerals in this regard.

    It can contribute to the production of electric vehicles and solar panels

    Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia believe that the ocean floors are used by electric vehicles, solar panels, etc., which are of great importance for a sustainable future. He explained that it can be used for the discovery of minerals that can be used in things. In the study, the experts examined the remains of the ocean floors in eastern Australia and Asia and tried to determine the age of the calcite mineral trapped there.

    One of the researchers, Dr Renjie Zhou noted that the findings could help locate the source of important minerals used in renewable and clean technologies: “Calcite and other hydrothermal minerals are often observed in important mineral deposits and under fluid activities. Our work allows us to trace fluids in the Earth’s crust and see what mineral resources it can produce.”

    Experts emphasize that the resources used in the renewable energy sector, which is expected to grow a lot in the future, require large amounts of critical minerals. It is emphasized that electric vehicles need four times more copper than conventional cars. However, using such a high amount of copper is costly and very challenging. There is a high probability that there will be new components that can be used for this purpose in the minerals whose research is ongoing. Moreover, minerals are not only for electric vehicles; they can also be used for the production of environmentally friendly energy sources. 

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