Move from Honda to Envy Tesla: Autonomous Taxis Are Coming

    Japan-based automaker Honda has signed an agreement with two companies to provide autonomous taxi services in Tokyo. According to the statements, autonomous taxis will roam the streets of the city in the next few years.

    Many automakers continue their work on autonomous vehicles without slowing down. Although Tesla describes it as the leading company in this regard, other automobile manufacturers from around the world are also investing in this issue, hoping to enable self-driving vehicles to take a place in our lives in the future.

    For now, fully autonomous vehicles are not in traffic; We can say that they will not be found for a while. However, autonomous taxi and delivery vehicles have started to be tested in many countries around the world. Now, a move has come from the Japanese company Honda, which introduced the third level of autonomous driving technology last year, on such vehicles.

    Autonomous taxis coming to Tokyo

    According to the reports, Honda made a move that could put itself ahead of other automakers such as Tesla. The Honda Mobility Solutions (HMS) division, which the auto giant established to take steps in this regard, signed an agreement with two Japanese transportation companies to work on an autonomous taxi service in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

    With this agreement, according to the statements, Honda plans to launch an autonomous transportation service in central Tokyo within the next three years. In the news, it is stated that Honda will use Cruise Origins, a driverless fully autonomous vehicle designed for General Motors’ taxi service. This tool; doesn’t include the things that happen in traditional cars like the steering wheel, driver’s seat and pedals, and it’s intended for people to travel safely.

    In short, this move, which will make Tokyo even more interesting than it is, may put Honda ahead in the spread of autonomous vehicles. Also, integrating autonomous taxis or delivery vehicles into cities could be a good start for a future where the majority will be autonomous vehicles. Because autonomous electric vehicles, which do not move at high speed on a certain route, may allow people to get used to and trust such cars, identify potential negative effects and make necessary improvements.

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