New Features Coming to Google Assistant

    Google has gone a long way in integrating its apps. Now, the company has added support for Google Assistant to measure Fitbit and Google Fit stats.

    US-based technology giant Google has been making significant changes to its existing applications and services recently. Talking about many innovations at the I/O 22 event, the company started to integrate Google Assistant into more applications.

    Earlier this month, Google Fit and Fitbit integration were rolled out to the Nest Hub. Now, Google has added a feature to the Assistant app where it can monitor Fitbit and Google Fit statistics. The update started rolling out to users earlier this week.

    Google Assistant update is rolling out to everyone

    Google’s new integration continues to be offered to all users in stages. Thanks to the updated Assistant application; You can turn on tracking your data by going to Assistant settings > Health > Activity.

    After that update, you can ask Google Assistant questions about your health. For example, you can ask the Assistant questions such as how many steps did I take today/last week, what is my heart rate today, or how many calories did I burn for Fitbit.

    In response to these questions, Google Assistant will show you some cards in response. Let’s also underline that the Assistant will handle this data according to the last synchronization.

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