New move from the European Union: Apple may compromise on security!

    With the new law of the European Union, Apple may allow the download of applications to iPhones from 3rd party sources.

    Apple is among the largest technology companies in the world. The company has devices in many areas. Thanks to the technological features and security offered in these devices, they are very popular and can reach good sales figures.

    The European Union does not like Apple to act separately from other smartphone manufacturers. The company has been criticized and forced to make changes because of its software and its own rules. The European Union will put Apple in a difficult situation with its new statement .

    Apple may have to allow app installation from 3rd party sources!
    The European Union is trying to put Apple in a difficult situation in terms of security. According to the law prepared by the Commission, smartphone owners will have the right to install applications from 3rd party sources on their devices without using the App Store. Thus, Apple will not be able to control application downloads and there will be some security problems.

    Johannes Bahrke , spokesperson for the European Commission, said in an emailed statement:

    “We believe that the owner of a smartphone should have the freedom to choose how to use it. This freedom includes being able to choose alternative application sources on your smartphone. With DMA, a smartphone owner will still be able to enjoy the secure services of the default app store on their smartphone. On top of that, DMA will also allow a smartphone owner to choose other secure app stores if a user wishes to.”

    The law has not yet been ratified by the European Union, but is expected to be ratified without any problems. Most likely, this new law will come into effect by October 2022 and will affect Apple devices. In this case, there is no information yet on how the company will take a step. However, this situation can affect the company deeply.

    In the past years, the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, stated in a statement that it is not appropriate to download applications from 3rd party sources to devices. Cook stated that if allowed, major security vulnerabilities would occur in iOS and the security of the App Store would be greatly reduced.

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