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Popular Quiz Game Trivia Crack Becomes An Interactive Series On Netflix


Netflix has announced Trivia Quest, a new interactive series based on the trivia game Trivia Crack. The series, which will start broadcasting as of April 1 and will be offered to users with 1 new episode every day, has been created in accordance with the essence of the game.

Netflix, the world’s most popular online series and movie platform, has announced a new interactive series. This interactive series is adapted from a quiz game called Trivia, which once hit the agenda like a bombshell. Netflix announced that the name of the interactive series is ” Trivia Quest “.

Trivia Quest appeared as a series tied to the original of the game. Trivia Quest, which is a production just like  Black Mirror, has a structure that can be shaped according to the answers you give. In this interactive series, you will accompany the character named Willy on his quest to save his friends. By the way; Let us remind you that Netflix’s production of  Cat Burglar is also Trivia-focused. So this production is not a first for Trivia. 

Trivia Quest will be released as 1 new episode every day throughout April

Trivia Quest

According to Netflix’s statement, Trivia Quest will meet with users as 1 new episode every day as of April 1. Netflix subscribers will be faced with a total of 24 questions, 12 of which are easy and 12 are difficult, every day when the series airs. The category of questions will be just like in the original game. In other words, users will be asked questions in categories such as sports, entertainment, art, history and geography.

Netflix subscribers will be able to access Trivia Quest on smartphones, smart TVs and web versions. Some non-Google TV-based Chromecast devices and Apple TV will not support this interactive production. You can watch the announcement trailer created for Trivia Quest right below. 

Trivia Quest – Netflix

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