Smartphone users beware! Do not open this WhatsApp message

    The new WhatsApp scam redirects users to a dangerous link. Do not open messages that start with these three words.

    Millions of people around the world use Meta’s apps to stay in touch with their friends and family . However, the scam that has been observed on WhatsApp recently is trying to trick people with interesting opening words.

    A new scam, first spotted on Facebook Messenger, revealed that messages starting with four specific words are dangerous. Here is the new trap targeting platforms like Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp .

    Messages starting with these three words could be WhatsApp scams
    It’s not unusual for friends to send funny videos or links to each other using messaging apps , but the new scam looks like it was really carefully crafted.

    Messages sent by scammers appear to come from friends and begin with the catchy phrase “look what i found “.

    The links contained in these fake messages redirect the user to the malicious website that asks them to log in using Facebook or Instagram . If the recipient of the message falls into the scammer’s trap, they could have their sensitive information stolen and face malware being installed on their device.

    How do I protect myself from social media scams?
    Cybersecurity expert Leslie Sikos said that the tendency to click on links in messages from our friends on social media is higher compared to search engines like Google. This is because people click on the link focusing only on the sender’s name.

    “There are many such scams, meaning there isn’t a single behavior that users can learn to avoid. However, if the user is scammed with a fake message and clicks on a scam link, they can see it’s a scam by browsing the website loading process.”

    You should be wary of messages from someone you follow or know on social media but don’t chat with. Likewise, messages sent at an odd time of the day can also be an indication of fraud.

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