Sony Rolls Up To Add Ads To PlayStation Games

    After similar news from Microsoft in the past days, it turned out that Sony also rolled up its sleeves to add advertisements to PlayStation. According to industry sources, the company has already started talks with some advertising companies.

    Although we, as consumers, complain about advertisements, these advertisements are one of the biggest income sources of companies that offer the products and services we use. Therefore, companies continue to introduce advertisements into our lives more and more in order to continue to serve and to get plenty of return on their service.

    Finally, while the news that Microsoft will place advertisements in Xbox games has come to the agenda, similar voices have started to resonate for Xbox’s rival PlayStation. According to information based on sources by Business Insider, Sony has already started working with several AdTech (ad technology) companies to add ads to PlayStation.

    Ads will be an incentive for free games

    Sony Rolls Up To Add Ads To PlayStation Games

    Sony’s rationale for bringing ads to PlayStation was the same as Microsoft’s. While the reason Microsoft wanted the ads was explained as bringing free games to Xbox, the information about Sony was similar. According to the report, Sony wants to encourage developers to develop free games. However, the share of advertising revenue that will be given to developers is not yet known.

    Sony and Microsoft’s advertising initiatives are actually quite a logical solution to the spread of free games on consoles. However, how often and how these ads will be reflected by the players and how much income the developers will generate with these ads will be the main issues that determine whether the ads will work or not.

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