TikTok Introduces Two New Addons to Make Ads More Fun

    TikTok continues to increase the number of users day by day. The company presented two new add-ons that will make the ads of brands more interesting to users.

    While Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and many other social media platforms continue to increase the number of users, brands are increasing the number of advertisements for these platforms day by day. Considering that there is almost no one who does not use social media, these platforms have become a very good option for advertisements.

    While brands are working on their ads, social media platforms continue to develop new methods for these ads. In the past days, a similar study came from Instagram and announced the 3D advertising feature. Today, a similar move came from its biggest rival, TikTok, and it was announced that soon the ads of the brands will take their place in the flow.

    New ‘interactive plug-ins’ will allow for more engaging ads

    TikTok Introduces Two New Addons to Make Ads More Fun

    TikTok has exceeded 1 billion active users and has now become a huge platform. This being the case, it became one of the first choices of brands that want to reach a large number of consumers on social media platforms. TikTok has developed a new ‘interactive plugins’ feature so that brands can advertise more interesting and reach more users. These new plugins will allow brands to advertise in the mainstream using pop-ups, stickers and other visual elements. However, TikTok collects interactive plugins under two main headings: standard and premium.

    Along with standard interactive plugins, brands will be able to present their ads to users with surveys and tests. In addition, brands will be able to receive feedback from users thanks to this plugin.  This means that brands can organize a sales campaign based on products that users like or dislike. Premium interactive plugins, on the other hand, are an option where brands can magnify their marketing goals even more. The premium plugin allows products to be featured via a drop-down item and allows users to browse through a showcase.

    TikTok says they expect these two new features to greatly increase the rate of users purchasing products from brands. A blog post shared by the company shows that these new ad options encourage 57% of viewers to search for the brand and its products. The Chinese social media platform states that with the new add-ons, users will find the ads much more interesting and entertaining.  

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