US Mobile Operator Boost Mobile Introduced Its System You Can Get Free Bills

    US operator company Boost Mobile has launched a new game that will make it easier on customers’ bills. It will be possible to earn Boostcoin with the application called BoostOne.

    US-based mobile operator provider Boost Mobile has launched a new game for its customers, where they can both watch ads and earn coins. In this blockchain-supported project; With Boostcoins, it is easy for users to pay their bills.

    Service provider Boost Mobile stated that these actions can be performed by downloading the “BoostOne” application. So what exactly are users supposed to do?

    Coins can be earned by playing games and watching ads.

    In the statement made by Boost Mobile, users will be able to earn Boostcoins by watching ads in-game. Normally, a single Boostcoin is equal to 1 cent, while users can quickly earn two Boostcoins by watching ads for a few seconds. Of course, it should be underlined that such a low amount is not in the budget to pay the entire bill.

    This opportunity, which is offered to reduce invoice prices, will provide ease of payment to users. This move by the provider company shows that it was inspired by the popular Fortnite and Candy Crush. Because the games in question give rewards to their users by watching advertisements. Now a similar situation will occur in BoostOne.

    On the other hand, Boost Mobile said that there will be another way to earn Boostcoins. Thanks to the ‘Spin to Win’ wheel, users will be able to win prizes of up to a minimum of 5 cents and a maximum of $5.

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