Watching TV in Autonomous Vehicles Is Legal, Playing With Phones Is Banned: But Why?

    The UK Department of Transport has announced that watching television will become legal if certain conditions are met. However, in the statements made, it was stated that such content can only be watched on in-car screens, and this situation will continue to be prohibited on phones and tablets.

    Technology that develops without slowing down is seriously affecting many sectors and reveals that what we see in science fiction movies can be real. As we all know, the automotive industry is one of the areas most affected by this situation.

    It is a known fact that most future cars will be electric due to environmental reasons. In addition, Tesla, Mercedes and many other brands are autonomous; in other words, it is investing in self-driving vehicles. Now, the authorities in the United Kingdom have announced that they have made a move about the issues that may occur with the introduction of these technologies into our lives.

    Watching TV in autonomous vehicles made legal

    Watching TV in autonomous vehicles made legal

    According to reports, the UK Department of Transport has made it legal for vehicle users in the country to watch television in autonomous cars. Currently, drivers in the country are prohibited from watching non-vehicle-related content on screens in cars. However, with this decision, which is expected to be added next summer, this situation will now be allowed in self-driving vehicles.

    It should be noted that this decision comes with some restrictions. According to the explanations, the vehicle goes by itself for the driver to watch content not related to the vehicle; In the event of an emergency, he will need to be ready to take back control. In addition, drivers will only need to watch such things through in-car infotainment systems (screens inside the vehicle). This means that it will not be possible to watch anything from different devices such as phones and tablets, which are already prohibited. If we open it even more, the car will prevent a possible danger by stopping the watched content when the control of the vehicle needs to be passed to the driver.

    Finally, it is worth mentioning that fully autonomous vehicles are not currently available in the UK. The Ministry of Transport, on the other hand, thinks that such vehicles will be available in the country by the end of this year. We know that there are different levels of autonomous vehicles. However, it should be said that there are no details about the technical features required for the new rules at the moment.

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