What is the Hypersonic missile that Air Defense Systems cannot stop?

    What is the Hypersonic missile system, first used by the Russian Ministry of Defense to hit a target in Ukraine?

    The tension between Russia and the USA, which started in the middle of the last century, flared up with the USA’s withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic missile treaty in 2003. Then the Russian side announced that it started to take the necessary measures. As a result, they developed a new system that is not found in any other state today and that air defense systems cannot stop . So what is this Hypersonic missile known as the Avant-garde regiment ?

    What is the Hypersonic missile that is only available in Russia and can reach 27 times the speed of sound?
    The Russian Ministry of Defense , in a statement made recently, said that it used the Hypersonic missile system, which was taken into inventory at the end of 2019, for the first time in Ukraine. Although the ministry stated that it was used to destroy an underground weapons depot, it was featured in the press as a show of strength.

    We can say that the Hypersonic missile system, which is currently only known to be in Russia’s inventory ( within the Avant-garde regiment), but on which intensive studies are carried out by the USA and China, is in an unrivaled position thanks to the high speeds it can reach and the nuclear and conventional warheads it can carry.

    Even the first prototypes developed by Russia and released in 2015 could reach speeds of 9 times the speed of sound (1,235 km / h) – 11,200 kilometers. Of course, according to the claims of the Russian side, these missiles, which have been developed for many years, can now reach 27 times the speed of sound (33 thousand km per hour).

    So, in a disaster scenario, if Russia wanted to hit Washington with a nuclear warhead, it could do so in just 15 minutes with a Hypersonic missile it would fire from the coast of the East Siberian Sea on the Northeast side of the country. (With ordinary ballistic missiles, this time exceeds 1 hour. In addition, it can be destroyed by Air Defense Systems and jets in the process.) But the most striking part here is that the USA has nothing to do about it.

    Because all existing Air Defense Systems can act and stop Subsonic missiles below 0.9 Mach and Supersonic missiles below 5 Mach. However, as far as is known, an effective defense system could not be developed for the Hypersonic missile systems in the Mach 5 and above class. Because in order to neutralize it, it must first catch it.

    Another factor that makes these missiles very dangerous is their high maneuverability. In other words, just like SOM missiles, they have an intelligent and commanding structure. Therefore, it is possible to control its altitude and direction before and during the cruise. Thanks to this feature, it becomes extremely important in strategic tasks. Because it is ensured not only to be hit, but also not to be seen on the radar.

    Even though Russia said that some of the missiles taken into inventory in late 2018 were going 27 times faster than sound, no one actually saw these devices. It is even estimated that what they showed to the US audit group in late 2019 was only Mach 5 versions. Therefore, it is unknown with which one he hit Ukraine. However, all of these missiles, whose speeds vary between 6+ thousand kilometers and 33+ thousand kilometers per hour, seem to be unrivaled for now.

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