Epic Games Has Been Sued With Google This Time Due To The Music Platform It Bought!

    Epic Games announced last month that it would buy the music platform Bandcamp, and soon became the new owner of the platform. However, the platform, which did not comply with the Google Play billing system, was sued.

    Epic Games announced a while ago that it would buy the music platform Bandcamp. However, he ran into trouble with Google shortly after Epic Games bought the app. Google made a change in the Play Store’s billing system last year. The Bandcamp application did not accept this change.  

    It has come to the fore that Bandcamp, which did not switch to the new billing system after the purchase of Epic Games, could be in court with Google. Thus, Epic Games, which was sued by Apple before and was sued by Google Play over Fortnite, came to the fore with another lawsuit through Bandcamp, which it bought. So why is Bandcamp insisting on not switching to this system? What exactly does Google’s billing system entail? Let’s see together. 

    Bandcamp says artists’ payouts will be affected 

    The new billing system, implemented by Google last year, requires a 30% cut in the services offered by Bandcamp and similar applications. However, Bandcamp continues to use its own billing system and refuses to pay Google for 30% of in-app sales. This did not change after Epic Games bought the platform, and Google filed an injunction lawsuit that included blocking Bandcamp from the Play Store. 

    Bandcamp co-founder Ethan Diamond says that this cut will cause a huge delay in the payments of the artists and they will not switch to this new billing system. The platform currently sells via PayPal and it is stated that this will require significant effort and time if they switch to Google Play’s billing system. It is stated that the payments of the artists may be delayed for 15 to 45 days. However, Google has made a 10% cut offer to Bandcamp. Allegedly, Bandcamp and Epic Games did not accept this offer. A spokesperson for Google Play says that this attitude is ‘unfair’, and that the 10% cut offer offered to Bandcamp is less than the company’s fee from users.  

    The application, which has not been supported for purchases in the App Store for a long time, has also taken its place on iOS for a while. Moreover, it is claimed that Bandcamp uses its own billing system in App Store sales. However, when we look at Google, we see that this situation will not be valid for a long time. As the size of the stubbornness between the companies grows, we will wait and see what will happen with the conclusion of the case in the coming days. 

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