Spotify Finally Brings The Feature That Has Only Been In The iPhone App For 5 Years To Android

    Spotify finally introduced the feature to add to the queue by swiping, which is published only for iOS years ago, to Android users. As of now, some Android users can add songs or podcasts to the queue by swiping.

    Spotify, the world’s most popular online music and podcast platform, introduced a feature for iOS users years ago. This feature allowed a user listening to music or podcasts to easily add a piece of content to the queue. A small swipe was enough for the user to benefit from this convenience. This feature is finally available for Android users as well .

    Those using Spotify in the Android ecosystem needed a few taps to add new content to the queue. In this context, first of all, it was necessary to tap on the three dots next to the song or podcast to be played, and then use the “Add to Queue” option. Now it is no longer needed. When users move their fingers over the content they want to add to the queue and swipe, they will have done this quickly.

    This is what Spotify’s new feature will look like:

    Spotify’s new feature will look

    In fact, Spotify made a statement about this feature last year and announced that it has no plans to bring the feature to Android. However, it seems that the company’s 5-year stubbornness has come to an end. Because this feature can now be experienced by Android users .

    In our final checks, we see that Spotify’s swipe queue feature is not available for all users. As we can see from here, the feature is currently being tested with a group of users. Maybe the company is gradually rolling out the new feature. Spotify did not make any statement on this matter .

    The scrolling feature in the Android ecosystem will be used like this:

    Spotify Swipe to Queue on Android

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