First Time A Chinese Company Sanctions Russia: DJI Stops Drone Sales in Russia and Ukraine

    DJI, one of the world’s largest drone manufacturers, has decided not to sell drones to Russia and Ukraine, as it does not want its products to be used in war. This made DJI the first Chinese company to impose ‘sanctions’ on Russia.

    In the Russia-Ukraine war, which has been going on for more than two months, drone attacks have caused serious casualties, especially on the Russian front, since the first days. As a result of Russia’s use of drones, both sides lost soldiers, and today a remarkable statement came from the major drone manufacturer DJI. The China-based company stopped selling drones to both sides of the war to prevent its products from being commemorated with ‘death’.

    China, one of Russia’s biggest allies, had previously shown its rank even though it did not openly express its support for Russia. In addition, no Chinese company had taken a stand against Russia and stopped sales. Drone manufacturer DJI, on the other hand, broke new ground in this regard and applied ‘ sanctions ‘ not only to Ukraine but also to Russia. Ukraine’s statement that Russia used DJI products to direct missiles in the war was also effective in this decision.

    DJI ends the drone war

    According to the statement, DJI, which has stopped its activities in Russia and Ukraine, is clearly uncomfortable with the use of its products for ‘harm’. The spokesperson of the company announced that they want to make sure that their products are not used in the war in order not to hurt anyone, so they will not sell drones to Russia and Ukraine.

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