Many Names, including Mark Zuckerberg and the US Vice President, Have Been Banned From Entry to Russia

    The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a new list of sanctions against the United States. It was noteworthy that US Vice President Kamala Harris and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg were included in the list of 28 people that banned important US figures from entering the country.

    As we all know, Russia has been on the agenda of the whole world by deciding to launch a military operation against Ukraine in the past months. This crisis between the two countries led to sanctions against Russia from many countries and companies, including the United States.

    Even so, Russia has repeatedly stated that it will make moves on its own, despite these sanctions. Now, in the news, it has been observed that the country has taken a new sanction decision against important individuals in the United States. It was noteworthy that the list of sanctions released by the authorities included many important US figures.

    28 people were banned from entering Russia, including Mark Zuckerberg

    Russia bans entry of notable us figures

    According to the list of sanctions released by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the country has decided to ban important figures such as US politicians, journalists and prominent businessmen from entering Russia. In the list of 28 people; Names such as US Vice President Kamala Harris, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks and Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby drew great attention.

    Russian officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in their statements regarding this decision, stated that ” The entry of these people into the Russian Federation is indefinitely prohibited” and that the practice will continue until a contrary decision is made.    

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